Instructions to Presenters

For Poster Presentations:

1. Size of the poster board is 100 cm (W) x 150 cm (H).

2. All posters must be placed by noon on July 9th. All the posters must be removed immediately after the session. The posters remaining after this time will be disposed of.

For Oral Presentations:

1. Please bring your laptop computers (Windows XP or above, or Mac OSX).

2. During the coffee break before your session, you should connect your PC to the switching system at the check-in desk in the conference room. You will then be requested to test your presentation using the remote control system at the presentation desk.

3. Please leave your computers at the check-in-desk, during your session, and ensure that it is turned on, with screen-savers and the power-saving functions turned off.

4. As a back-up, please bring presentation materials saved on your Windows-based storage media. We have prepared Windows XP- and Microsoft Power Point 2003-ready computers.

5. If you intend to use our computers for your presentation, please contact us, prior to the session in which you will be giving it.